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Who we are?

RebateMyPips is an online Forex rebate provider.

At our mission is to provide you with a wide selection of Forex brokers and the highest rebate rates.
As a first time visitor you might be skeptical about our service, maybe it's something you never thought could be offered. RebateMyPips is an IB of over 20 Forex brokers, as such we are compensated by these brokers when we refer customers to them, we then share the revenue with you - our customer.

What are Forex rebates?

Forex rebates are a monthly return on part of the commissions / spreads you pay for each trade you make.
This effectively lowers your overall spreads, meaning you pay less and earn more.


Why do brokers allow rebates instead of lowering their spreads for all traders?

Simple, it is not the brokers providing the rebates. You get the rebates from RebateMyPips.
By referring you to our partner broker we get a share of the income you generate by spreads and commissions, and we turn around and give you back part of the money we get from the broker. Everybody wins!

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Top Brokers

  • HotForex Rebate5 USD per lot
  • XEMarkets Rebate0.6 Pips per lot
  • FxNet Rebate0.45 Pips per lot

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